Shots from the Show #7

Its been about a week since the second open studios at my Vermont residency and I thought it would be a good idea to show images from my space from that night. In the first open studios event in early May I decided to show my work area in the general state of disarray that it’s normally in when I’m creating new art. After seeing how clean other resident studios were during that first event I decided to treat the second open studios as a gallery opening.

I’ve been trying to figure out what the narrative is for my experience at the Vermont Studio Center. I’ve settled I think on telling folks that it was good not necessarily great. That I worked too hard and made too few connections with other artists and staff – which had been my intentions. I tell them that the facilities were excellent, the staff coldly professional, the weather variable yet ultimately lovely, and the other residents excellent artists very much like me in terms of careers to date. Its only been a few days so all these things still feel true and this further thing as well. The residency was a sacrifice financially that is increasingly daunting – with several payments looming for me to cover my expenses. And so I feel all my practical instincts taking over my creative engines right now and its making an adjustment to my normal life here in Pennsylvania very complicated. I’m very interested in seeing how I adjust to the economic uncertainty of this summer and how it will effect my work. Right now I think its making me see inventory all over my studio and forcing me to reconsider how large and how much work I make, in other words I’m slowing down for the summer.

This slowdown giving my past, will probably not be too severe, but it will give me an opportunity to reassess. Anyway here are a series of shots taken last week from the second open studios at the Vermont Studio Center.

I went camping in the Poconos with some friends right after I got back from Vermont and on the way back in the car we listened to Beyonce’s self titled record from a few years ago and which I never heard all the way through before. Its mostly good. Its sexual, and empowering as I suspected it would be. I can’t wait to hear Lemonade all the way through, not ready to pay 19 dollars for the deluxe version available on iTunes though. Anyway on her last album I liked all the familiar tracts and one more I hadn’t heard of, a song made with Frank Ocean called “Superpower”. Here’s a YouTube video of it:

Okay I think I wanna go through some of those suggestions of artists to follow that I got from resident and visiting artist in my next post. Until then be well!

One thought on “Shots from the Show #7

  1. Seeing how your works developed over the course of the VSC residency was so enjoyable! Your pieces truly reflect your internal musings and confrontations. So glad to be able to visit your virtual 2nd open studio 😉

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