Each month, I write 2 different blogs. My first ongoing series, Ephemerama, is about what inspires me, life, and the way I see the world. My second series, In The Studio, covers my misadventures maintaining an art practice and the goings-on in my studio. I always close with a look at the music that’s inspiring me. There’s always a story behind my works and its often a diffuse and ephemeral one. 

Ephemerama #70

 spent the day in New York on Saturday April 23rd at Spatial headquarters in New York for what my friend Tyrone, who works there and organized the event, called a Paint and Mint event. The idea was that artists both digital and physical would create works that would, by the end of the day after […]

In The Studio #89

I’ve been trying to hone my projects in the studio lately following a string of shows to prepare for a crazy intense early summer of further exhibitions. I really overextended myself this year with projects, which as I’ve noted here in the past is both thrilling and scary simultaneously. I really would not have it […]

Ephemerama #69

Maybe Putin didn’t get the memo, but war is bad for business. Especially big messy land wars requiring the pacification of a recalcitrant population. I have this studio mate at the Banana Factory, Doug Boehm, who I told in an adamantly, and defiant tone, that Putin would not invade Ukraine. I told him this mostly […]

In the Studio #88

I’ve entered a prolonged period of landscape painting for the last two weeks. I’m relieved by it too because there were several projects that I had on the backburner that have been like little earworms borrowing into my brain. I’m relieved that I seem to be painting these pieces quickly as well. It indicates something […]


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