Each month, I write 2 different blogs. My first ongoing series, Ephemerama, is about what inspires me, life, and the way I see the world. My second series, In The Studio, covers my misadventures maintaining an art practice and the goings-on in my studio. I always close with a look at the music that’s inspiring me. There’s always a story behind my works and its often a diffuse and ephemeral one. 

Ephemerama #72

I’ve been trying to get out there and see more art these last few months. To that end, I went to see two thought-provoking shows earlier in September, one in New York and one in Philadelphia. The New York show was the often-derided Whitney Biennial, and the Philly show was the Isaac Julien “Once Again” […]

In The Studio #91

So far, this Fall has been about choosing how to wrap up several dangling projects fromearlier in the Summer and from my VSC residency. I have half a dozen potentialprojects I’m working on now and I think I just need a win in some column so I candevelop the momentum to go on. One of […]

Ephemerama #71

It’s been three months since my crazy busy summer began with the Mighty Real Queer Detroit show and exhibitions at The Bethlehem House Gallery in Bethlehem, PA and I’ve finally had some time to put my thoughts together to write a blog post. I confess now thinking on all that I did it all feels […]

In The Studio #90

When I started this post, the studio was literally been abuzz with activity for weeks in preparation for the Mighty Real Queer Detroit show. I’ve spent long hours painting framing boxing and pumping out promo material to get everything ready. While Detroit has been ever present in my mind it has been work for this […]


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