Commissioned Pieces

Land and Sky Commissions:

When I set out to complete a landscape commission I think about where I want to transport a viewer. Even if there is a source image supplied by a client, I aim to create a work where gesture, color, and texture all coalesce to create rich and full environments full of the quiet yet stirring beauty that I see in the natural world. Dancing clouds and vast open fields are often featured in my commissioned landscapes, all conveying the feeling of awe I get when out in mother nature. Commission of modest to medium sizes take between one to two months to complete. Pieces larger than 40 inches in either direction take approximately three months to complete. One half of the payment is due at the beginning of a commissioned project with the remainder due upon delivery. Pricing per piece varies but is always based on a dollar-per-square-inch formula with a commission premium added.

Abstract Narrative Commissions:

When I set out to create an abstract narrative work for commission, I first sit with the client to generate ideas and concepts to build what I call an “image bank”. The image bank for each work contains all the collage elements, drawings and other ephemera that will be used to create the overall work. Many of my abstract works play with edges either through elaborate detailing or with hand-built panels that punctuate the picture plane. In either case, the resulting work is usually situated in the same “Red Wrath World” where repeated characters prance around gesticulating, carrying-on, or prostrating to carry the message of the work throughout the piece. Unlike landscape commissioned pieces whose prices are based on a consistent dollar-per-square-inch plus commission premium formula, abstract narrative works are valued based on negotiations with clients using similarly sized works collected by institutions as the pricing floor. Because of their complexity abstract narrative works often take between 2 and 3 months to complete. Like with landscape works one half of a payment is due at the beginning of a commission project with the remainder due upon delivery.

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