First Friday #4

This FF I thought I’d continue to show the studio essentially as is with the piece I’m working on currently out for all to see. Right now my little baby is out with its bones showing. My secret painting – the underpainting stage of my process – is the main star of the show, to be slowly covered with the main event next week.

This First Friday I’m thinking more about how closeted and scared I can be about most things. I’m more aware than ever that being in this studio building comes with costs and benefits. And one of the benefits I’ve discovered is the other artists. After 5 months now in the space I’m finally feeling more comfortable walking around and seeing folks in their spaces, outside of the little clique I attached myself to when I first moved in. As I am in the process of putting together an artist registry for this region, along with a brilliant team of friends, its high time I learn to reach out in my own building.

One of the things I like the best about these First Friday events are the opportunity I get to figure out what I’m doing in the studio. I tend to have definite plans when I paint but it’s not until I’m in the middle of a series or a particular painting that I figure out what I’m really up. In this case the Pilot series I tell people it’s about honoring John C Robinson and criticizing our governments’ predator drone program. I think what the series is actually revealing to me is that I like secrets. I spend an inordinate amount of time painting things that I cover up later. I like having a subconscious little devil in my creative process. Should I reveal my secret paintings in the future or just keep buring them under a rigid plan? For now I think the plan will win, but at least I’m more aware of that side to my creativity now. Here’s a few shots of Pilot 4 during this June’s First Friday.

photo 1 photo 2

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