…from the Red Wrath World #3

Within the “Red Wrath World” there are approximately 2 dozen characters that I often work with repeatedly. These character – flat 2 dimensional gestures often resembling calligraphy – gesticulate against otherworldly colorful backdrops often conveying menace or dread.

The original eight characters in my hermetic universe are: Warrior-Agency, King Blue Vicious, King Red Malice, the Sorceress, the General, Fortune, Desire, and Center. Here below are six images of these characters.

Original Eight 1

Image of “the General”

Original Eight 2

Image of “Desire”

Original Eight 3

Image of “the Sorceress”

Original Eight 4

Image of “King Vicious”

Original Eight 5

Image of “Warrior- Agency”

Original Eight 6

Image of “Fortune”

These characters are often floating around in cameo roles in my works now but were featured prominently during painting and drawings series that focused on the “Three Kingdoms of Power” and the “Hellish Realm”. I’ll blog more specifically about my ideas regarding the K’sOP, and HR in the future.

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