Ephemerama #60

I think we’re all relieved, no matter your political persuasion, that the election is over. The constipation it caused our society at large was truly debilitating. And as if to add insult to injury the delayed reporting of results gave birth or perhaps further fanned the flames of dark conspiracies, that at least half the voting population probably believes in because of how ungraciously the president has accepted the ultimate results.

Creatively the lack of results left me with a severe case of writers block last week. Several times I went into the studio intending to get some real work done on these drawings I need to complete for this commission I’m working on and several times I left after only an hours worth of work. I have to say I love the wisdom of some of our elders in years, my friend Al Johnson, who I don’t think would mind men mentioning is in his 60’s, has been through a few of these existential election cycles and he was downright Buddha-like and nearly sanguine about the election results. “It is what it is”. A montra amongst many in the minority community. I hate the term myself because it suggest that you can’t effect an outcome. But maybe it also suggests having peace with whatever the outcome is too, and having that peace of mind is really freeing. I think it takes a few years before you realize that most of us will be okay no matter who is President.

Now that it feels like the adults are in charge again on the national level I feel like some true stock taking can take place for everyone. I’ve used the last few weeks mull over housing decisions with my roommates, and we’ve reluctantly decided to move. At one point in time home-ownership was discussed but because we were rashly put on a artificial schedule by our current landlord we had to hastily make plans to rent another house. Things ended up working out for the best because the home we chose is truly lovely, and in a better safer neighborhood. The prospect however of moving during a pandemic along with completing these drawings for this hospital commission, in addition with all my other responsibilities have left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. But I knew November would be like this and prepared myself emotionally for it back in late October. I’m relieved that our incoming leaders have provided a long record of overcoming challenges with courage and resilience to look to as a model for me to get through these next few weeks.

We finally got some installation shots of the murals that some colleagues and I did at Hindle Power this last August. thanks again to Bill Hindle and Darrell George for the opportunity to work with this great group of artists. The pieces look great. If your driving down I-78 look towards downtown Easton, you can see the pieces from the interstate. Here’s the installation shots

I’ve been thinking about growing up in my grandfathers Pentecostal church a lot lately. Strange because I’m very agnostic these day. I remember loving certain hymns. Two have been on my mind constantly this last week “I’ll Fly Away” and especially “What a Friend we have in Jesus” which has to be my hands down favorite gospel song. Maybe there’s a yearning for some spiritual connection brewing inside me. Maybe…. Here are some YouTube videos of these hymns sung by the incomparable Mahalia Jackson.

I’m eager to get through these two commission drawing in the next week so I can move on to more of these cedar shingle works. I have this work inspired by hoodies and Trayvon Martin that has been on my mind for years and I think it’s time for me to finally do them. Once I do these works I think I can move into 2021 free to do some of those landscapes and abstract drawings I meant to do this fall. Okay until then do be well.

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