Ephemerama #38

This last Saturday I worked at both my jobs and after work I ended up hanging out with some friends despite being exhausted. We all landed at my friend Lissy’s place in downtown Allentown. I love this chic, Lissy. She has all the confidence and pride one comes to expect from a strong black Latinx female and by all account from her friends and family she is fearless especially when it comes to how she deals with men. Lissy is always sharp and even though we were relaxing in her place she looked as if she was ready to go out to the club.

As the night wore on I found myself obsessing over her nails. I love when black girls get their nails done. Mine are always bitten down to the bone and dirty, usually from painting, Lissy’s were killer, literally; like don’t get to close or you might get cut killer; like, you don’t have to search for the murder weapon killer; like Kruger only sharper and with sparkles killer. I took a few shots of those nails that night with the intention to one day do a painting series of them. I don’t think Lissy would mind me sharing her lovely finger knives here.

I love Cardi B, though she’s young and a little rough around the edges. It’s probably part of the reason she’s so popular. Her performance at the Grammy’s last weekend was amazing. I had a tough time finding a good version of it on YouTube until recently so here it is:

So I’m in the middle of a painting of the moon called “Tyrone Dreams of the Moon and the Stars”. Its coming along pretty well and I’ll hopefully have a complete under-painting detailing the “color story” of the piece in the next few days, at the color story phase I usually post a Instagram shot. When the piece is all complete over the next month or so I hope to do another post here. Until then, do be well.

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