First Friday #22

I’ve taken a step back from my blog over the last few weeks so that I can focus on finishing up my semester at Muhlenberg College, which wrapped this week. And, so I haven’t had a chance to write about First Friday, which was about a week ago now. My memory of that day is a bit hazy now but I did write some notes on the evening.

From my notes I see that I had a bit of a pregame drink with Darrell George, where we bullshitted about relationships and the time we get to spend making our work. Shortly after my studio doors opened I received a visit from Tyrone Webb. Tyrone talked about his now ex-wife and how she’s not paying child support, and how he’s taking tepid steps back into the dating scene. All the best to Tyrone on his new journey. Tyrone was around for a very strange visit I received from a lady who went on and on about banyan trees, like this:


I think the lady thought some of my work reminded her about banyan trees. A little later on I received a visit from a Northampton Community College student and we had a nice talk about different kinds of acrylic paint.

As the night progressed the artist Femi Johnson came by for a visit. He came bearing some bad news. Unfortunately he and his fairly new wife have decided to separate. It always makes me sad when relationships end, especially when they’re my friends. That visit set up a continued theme for the evening where several visitors talked about their relationships, when they began and ended. I have several friends going through divorces or bitter separations from long term partners. Its given me some interesting perspective on my own relationship, where it can and should be better.

As the night ended I received a couple more visits. One from, a man called Brian Feldman, who works for something called the Fab Lab at the Fowler Center at Northampton Community College. The Fab Lab is a sort of think tank where engineers and artists come together to build unusual things. Brian invited me to come visit the lab sometime which I plan to do very soon. The night concluded with a visit from Michelle Neifert, who had been in the hospital for a few weeks and was recently released, and final visits from Rigo Perlata, Bruce Ward, Femi and Tyrone. The night was light on turnout as has been the case for the past few months. But like always I found a way to make the evening entertaining. Here’s the way the studio looked that night. Notice the now finished Pilot #6 piece along with the beginnings of the 7th drawing for the 7th painting in the Pilot Set.

I’ve been listening to  lot of soul music lately which have become the soundtrack of my evenings. But in an effort to try to diversify my listening playlist I recently picked up the new Bruno Mars CD “24K Magic”. I think both the namesake track of the CD and the track “That’s What I Like” are excellent. And, so I offer both to you today.


Okay that’s about it for this post. Next time I think I’ll focus on the drawing for Pilot #7. Until then do be well.

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