Shots from the Show #9

I’m part of this local arts group in area called the Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley and we have a show up at a local gallery called Studio 514  for a show called “Lasting Impressions”. I love this group because it’s low impact, no dues, not a lot of meetings and we show a lot. In fact, I’ve had several shows with the group this year and this one is the first one I’ve had a chance to shoot since it’s only blocks from my house.

I really liked this little show. It had a group of about a dozen local printmakers: Richard Redd, Pat Delluva, Kay Frederick, Kieth Garubba, Deborah Hamburger, Michelle Niefert, Rigo Peralta, Patti Schaffer, Jodie Scharadin, Melissa Strawser, Evan Summer, Brandon Williams, and myself. Kay Frederick and Pat Delluva and Deb Hamburger do a lot of the leg work for the group. In fact Pat I think carted my stuff around to the previous two shows which I very much appreciate. Here are some pics from the show:


Here’s the piece I put into the show:

There were a pretty healthy display of techniques in the show ranging from monoprints like those from my girlfriend Michelle Niefert, to lithos silkscreens and etching. I think the works I gravitated to the most was from Evan Summer. His two etchings contained the requisite obsessive mark-making and close drawing that makes me giddy and tingly. Here’s the piece from Evan I liked the most:

All in all it was a nice exhibit made that much better because the curator, Deborah Rabinsky, invited me finally to put up a show at  our local LGBT clubhouse, the Bradbury Center, in October; so now I have a show to look forwards to!

Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, as I have over the last few days,  I often listen to Francis Poulenc for some stirring modern classical music. Poulenc was part of the Les Six group of composers lead by Erik Satie and was known for both his piano and keyboard works and his more serious religious works of his late life. He’s probably best known now a days for his opera “Dialogue of the Carmelites”. My favorite piece of his is Organ Concerto FP93, and his work Gloria FP 177. The last section of which ” Qui Sedes Ad Dexteram Patris” or “Who sits at the Right Hand of the Father” is particularly moving. Here are two YouTube videos of each work:


Okay next I will try to finish up my artist recommendation list and discuss what’s been going on in the studio. Until then be well…


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