Shots from the Show #8

Last Saturday I had a little show opening at a restaurant in Easton Pa called Stoked for an exhibit titled “Inchoatic”.  The curator of the show, my friend Marian Silliman, has a flare for show titles. I looked “inchoatic” up and it generally means embryotic and unformed. Not sure if that describes the work but people generally seemed to see coalescing shapes and patterns in my works so I guess the title fits. Anyway the opening night was great. The works fit the color theme of the restaurant nicely especially with the darkened walls of the joint. It all made my work look tight and I managed to sell a couple pieces because of it I believe. Here’s some images from the show


And here are the two pieces that sold:

Anthony Smith, Puppet Pal Friends XL1, 24 x 48 inchs, mixed, 2004

Puppet Pal Friend, XL1, mixed media painting, 2004

Anthony Smith Jr, Maybe Baby No. 1, 16 x 32 inches, mixed media painting, 2016

Maybe Baby No. 1, 16 x 32 inches, 2016
My little restaurant thing coincided with another show at the high end gallery next door called Brick and Mortar. They had a show of the painter Joe Strasser and the photographer Jeff Baker. Both artist produced competent and mature work, maybe a little urban-graphic-chic for me; but I make that kinda stuff too so I share some stylistic kinship with their pieces, especially Strasser’s work. You can find more art from these two guys at

In addition to my little show I’m also on the featured artist wall at the Banana Factory where I put up some of the work I produced in Vermont for the first time. I think there getting a good reception; in fact during the last First Friday the new exec director of our new gay center in town saw the works and wants me to do something at his center. I think I mentioned this last week. It’s exciting for me because I don’t have a tremendous amount of shows coming up next year and would like to get my 2017 and 2018 schedules set so I’m ahead of the game for a change. Here’s that artist of the month wall:

I’m still going through a little bit of a blues phase so here’s BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and company singing “Why I Sing the Blues”

Simple and Beautiful.

Some music production is stifling and over produced like much of contemporary pop music while other times it sounds futuristic. Here’s a new MIA song I found today. It’s called “Go Off”

Okay, I’ll try to finish up that artist list next time and I’d like to revisit some of the race and guns issues brought up by this summers mass shootings and police violence. I wonder if there’s something nuanced there we’re not getting. Something about “othering” that’s elusive and pervasive. I’d like to blog on it another time. Until then…

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