First Friday #9

Its been a week since last First Friday and I’ve had a week to reflect on the evening. It was a busy night from what I can remember. I’ve taken to writing notes on the evening since I often get connections and inspiration from my encounters on this evening. Here are some of the thoughts that came up.

I had several comments on the pens I use for the Temple of Doom drawings. Several people thought the drawings were like obsessive doodling – not sure what to think about that. I had one lady who though that the drawings reminder her of Alice in Wonderland, which I liked.

We get lots of Lehigh University students at First Friday and several of them talked with me about Greek life on campus. When I taught there several students mentioned how social life seemed to be dominated by fraternities and sororities. I talked to the husband of a friend about his educational pursuits. He got a doctorate just for the hell of it since it didn’t advance his career, at least from my perspective. I was impressed with his need to improve himself and inspired by the fortitude it took to get that degree especially since his program was at a school on the West Coast and he commuted there while maintaining his life in Pennsylvania.

I talked with one woman about women’s rights in the US and in the Muslim world and with another man about the horrible working conditions at many facilities across the country. All in all it was quite a full night. Good bourbon, good friends, nice and polite visitors and good art. All in all a delightful evening. Here are some pics of the studio last Friday. until next time….

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