In the studio #18

I finally finished my drawing series! Behold the Loathsome Temple of Doom is done. When I started this drawing series back in October I thought it would be a maybe month long project, two at the max. I banked on having enough of the year left to do a small painting series too. Now I’m thinking I wanna slow down and assess what I have, maybe do one or two small works with the 3 weeks I have left in 2015.

Speaking of a close to the year in art I have to say it’s been an active year for me. I think I’ve done more and larger works this year than I’ve done in the last 5. I’ve made some great connections at the Banana Factory and have used the studio space to catapult my art career into a new more professional phase, exactly as I intended.  With the new year I’ve set some ambitious goals including getting professional representation in a gallery, having at least 4 shows, going on a residency, and of course selling more work. All goals which are attainable. I’d also like to figure out how to make my presence on the web a little more lucrative and useful to me professionally.

So thanks to everyone whose been following the blog. Here’s some pics of me drawing this series taken by Michael Rockmaker, a frequent visitor to my studio. I also included all 10 pieces in the temple of doom series here so folks can see the progression of work in the series. Okay until next time.

Here’s  few pics of me working on Temple of Doom drawings taken by Michael Rockmaker


Here are the ten drawings from the Temple of Doom drawing series from left to right Behold the Loathsome Temple of Doom 1-10

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