Shots from the Show #3

I’ve had the good fortune to have been included in two Connexion Gallery shows this year, and I’m thankful to Anthony at Connexion  for this recent inclusion.  I appreciate that the owners of this gallery both try to nourish young and diverse talent in the area and that they take great pains in providing a sense of community for artists and patrons alike in Easton, Pa. Edit

This show also featured several of my friends Michelle Niefert, Melissa Perhamus, and Susan Washington. These are all hot ladies and one is a hot momma to boot – that being super mom Melissa! Anyway here are some shots from the fall show at Easton’s Connexion Gallery.  

The above two pics are of two pieces from my encaustic mixed media series “A Kracken Message”. 


Here’s a shot of the room

The above piece is from Susan Washington 


Here are two pieces by Melissa Perhamus, the super-mom

This is my girl Michelle Niefert, going after my heart with the atmospheric painting! 

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