In the studio #8

I finally finished “Pilot #4” yesterday and goddam its good. Now the challenge is taking good pics of it and the drawing that came before it. Working in unusual dimensions comes with its drawbacks. It was great to come back from a nice long weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware last week to finish this painting. I had 4 blissful and hard days in a row devoted to painting, which is unusual for me as my job or other commitments usually get in the way of long concentrated art time for me. Starting and stopping a project kills creativity, I’m sure many artist would agree. Here’s what the painting looked like last Wednesday.
I really want to thank my boyfriend Tim for being so understanding during this process. I can get pretty obsessive and frustrated when I’m working and l it tends to infect  all aspects of my life. I tell Tim that I’m training him to be my Lee Krasner, and he’s well on his way. Now all I got to do is get him to like art.

I spoke a lot about fear while making this work. That fear stayed with me right until the end. I’ve been dreaming of this work for at least 5 years. I always thought it would be too big and unwieldy to do. I only decided to attempt it when I got my studio in February as I think I mentioned before. It’s so satisfying to finish and have a dream come true with something that very close to what I imagined. Ok without further ado here’s “Pilot #4” complete along with a close up of my Diana Ross-lightsaber-wielding-fairy-pilot. Enjoy!  


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