…from the Red Wrath World #1

In my early professional development as an artist I faced a crisis of confidence in my approach to creating art. I entered graduate school as a landscape painter. After receiving advice that my works did not emerge from an authentic source, (I painted idyllic landscape full of full rich cloudscapes), I decided to explore abstraction. I decided to locate much of my imaginative world in a place I call the “Red Wrath World”. I never really told anyone about this imaginative world until now.

I’d like this blog to a place where share the inspirations of my work in features such as “from the Red Wrath World”, and share my thoughts on the art of my peers, politics, and some of the sometimes turgid emotional issues that lie underneath the surface of my art. The blog will be clumsy at first I’m sure, full of grammatical errors and in-artfully delivered views; but it will improve over time I’m sure. If you follow this blog  you will see an artist growing in his confidence in using social media. Be patient with me as I learn to express myself here and be well!

Anthony Smith, Sometimes Maybe, No 6, 24 x 36 inches, mixed, 2002

Above an image of the Red Wrath World painted shortly after graduate school

“Sometimes/Maybe No. 6” 25 x 36 inches, mixed media, 2002

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