First Friday #21

Well First Friday at the Banana Factory was a few days ago and I have had a little time to think about what went on during the open house. This last Friday was a light affair once again. I think were returning to the normal pattern of light First Fridays after two unusually busy First Fridays in January and February. I’ve decided that I’m going to have to make an event out of First Friday for myself to bring in some of my friends who haven’t attended the open house in a little while and that event will be the debut of Pilot 6, which is very close to being done.

As for this First Friday the audience was a bit unusual. Unusual in the sense that it was hard to get some of the folks that came into my space to engage with me and vocalize their likes and dislikes. I had more than a few visitors come into my space and look around and not say a word, and then leave. It’s hard to say if this was a negative or rude. I think my work just perplexes people and my personality is not always the warmest and so drawing a response from folks can be difficult at times.

I received a visit from a woman representing Forks River Arts Society this time around. She was trying to interest me in participating in their Art in the Park event this year. I’m not sure if I have enough work to put into that event this time around but its nice to know their interested in my work so maybe in the future I’ll get around to showing in that art fair. Here’s a pic of me painting on First Friday taken by by Frank Smith:

I visited Olaf Starorypinski at the beginning of the evening and we talked about what artist do to survive economically. Olaf does all the photography for the Lehigh Valley Health Network, the largest hospital chain in the region. Olaf seemed to suggest that I need to find a major gig that was in the arts so that I can make more time for my studio practice. We also discussed Trump and the recent bombings in Syria that the US launched the day before. We agreed that it seemed the most presidential thing that idiot had done in office so far, though I doubt Trump really cares about the plight of Syria.

As the night carried on I met a couple ArtsQuest volunteers, a couple fellow Floridians and received a brief visit from Ana Hamilton. I also spent a little time speaking with Melissa Perhamus. We talked about her youth growing up in the Adirondacks in New York, and the pressures of work on our art process. We also discussed her son getting into Lehigh University. Later on in the evening I got a visit from Jermel Fountain and his friend James Murry, both former New Yorkers like myself. They both have a show coming up at Gallery 415 in Catasaqua Pa, where I showed last year. We talked about our similar styles and about street art, and our days in the Bronx.

My notes on the evening end with a visit from Adrian Shanker and his friend Joe Amedeo both from the Bradbury Sullivan Center. Adrian told me about an upcoming show at Bradbury Sullivan that deals with protest art and about an opportunity to work with gay youth that Adrian is trying to set up for me. Joe was enamored by one of my small pieces from the Animal Kingdom Bangers set, and bought the small work which is number 17 in the series. Here’s the piece he bought:

Anthony Smith, Animal Kingdom Bangers 17 ,4 x 8 inches, mixed media, 2014

As I said before it was a quiet First Friday but a good one with the art sale serving as a nice icing on the cake.

I’m deep into soul music now and its great. I love how it always puts me in a good mood and relaxes me. I think its because this music reminds me of my youth and my mother. One group that I forgot about that I grew up with is the R&B group Maze. Here’s one that’s on my mind today, its called “We Are One”.

Okay next post I hope I can debut Pilot 6 for a In the Studio post. I’ll be relieved when its complete. Until then do be well!

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