First Friday #11

I’m back in my studio for the first time since last Friday and just reviewed my notes from last First Friday. It was one of the best First Friday’s we’ve had at the Banana Factory in a while. The event came on the heels of a very difficult day for me and so I was relieved that the event went so well. During the event I received some very positive comments on two series I had on display, my Vixen Virgin Mermaid of the Sargasso Sea series and Maybe Baby series. In fact I almost sold one of the Maybe Baby paintings to a member of the board that governs ArtsQuest, the group that operates the Banana Factory. On that note I actually meet the new president of ArtsQuest, Kassie Hilgert. Kassie gave me a nice chunk of time and shared with me some of her plans for the redevelopment of the Banana Factory and asked my advice of that process. I felt very gratified that she showed interest in my work and my views on how to make the Banana Factory better.

Later in the evening I shared or rather commiserated with a graphic designer about the difficulties of being a successful artist. I connected again with my good friend the gallerist and curator Marian Silliman, and had a nice whiskey with my studio mate Deb Slatha. All in all a very nice evening. Here are a couple images of my studio from last Friday. I received some works back from my shows at the Mid-Atlantic 2016 show at University of Mary Washington, and my two person show with Melissa Perhamus at Lebanon Picture Frame Gallery.

Okay starting new paintings this week to finish up the Maybe Baby series. I’ll show those pieces next time.


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