In the Studio #22

I just finished the third of six pieces in the Maybe Baby set of paintings this last weekend and I feel that the work has revived my interest in the series. This new year is turning into a real mixed bag of experiences lately, lots of successes artistically with some considerable setbacks personally. This “libra-nature” as I call it has found its way into my studio and so I’m left feeling somewhat uninspired to create ambitious creations giving this personal uncertainty. And so even-though I’ve expressed some reluctance in going forward with finishing the last of the three paintings in this set I think I’m going to go ahead and finish the set now to keep my studio active. Maybe this will give me something to focus on while I work some of these personal setbacks out.

This Maybe Baby piece is more colorful and bright then the others. I think I sap all the color out of the next piece as an experiment. Here’s Maybe Baby 3:

Anthony Smith Jr. Maybe Baby No. 3, 16 x 32 inches, mixed media painting, 2015

On another note I came into possession of sheet music recently, music I feel that is sad and I believe racist. Its a true artifact of a bygone era. The song is called “Mammy’s Little Coal Black Rose”. Here’s an image of the cover:


It was in a stack of other old sheet music a recently deceased friend had in a collection of American standards. Why he had it I can’t say but I decided to make some artwork from it. I’m not sure what but I feel that it needs an artist comment. Here’s a youtube of what the song sounds like:

Okay that’s all for now, until next time…

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