In the Studio #21

Its been a very difficult couple of weeks for my friends and me personally with the death of a very dear friend and housemate, Matthew Stitzer. Matt was a great supporter of my artwork and for me building the life of an artist. Matt was an actor and was beloved by his theater friends. I think he regretted not moving to New York or Philadelphia to pursue his acting career further however when your so loved in the area you live, as Matthew was in Allentown, why would you leave. I watched Matthew die last Friday in his living room surrounded by his closest family and friends. We all cried and shared thoughts of what made him so special. My take away from these conversations was how much Matthew supported his friends and always brightened up a room when he entered. If we all are a tenth as loved as that dear man was when we die then we’d have had a rich and lucky live.

Due to last weeks bereavement I didn’t get into the studio much but I did manage to get in a couple days, and just today I finished the second of what I’m thinking will be a six part series of paintings I call “Maybe Baby”. These paintings, the first of the new year, are a concession for me in terms of size and subject matter. I feel the practical urge to paint smaller, a subject I mentioned before. However the constriction in size effects the look of the these pieces I feel. It seems that my hand prefers larger strokes and a larger size canvas. And so after the next piece, the third, I think I will switch gears and do something a little larger so I can get lost in space and maybe find a way out of grief and uncertainty.

I had a couple big shows lately and I’d like to discuss them in future posts until then here’s some pics of the new “Maybe Baby”pieces and a pic of my friend Matthew with our old cat Madeline. Until next time…






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