In the Studio #16

I’m nearing the end on my Temple of Doom drawing series and its still exhausting to go through the whole set of 10 pieces. Fortunately I’m still producing some interesting works. Something fascinating happened to me while doing this piece. I realized somewhere in the middle of this piece that I was actually drawing a memory of a car accident I was in when I was nine years old. When I was nine I was hit by a car that flung me across the street and into the side field of the school where my mom went to high school. I wanted to join my cousins playing football in the school’s yard. It was dusk. I thought I could beat the car. I was wrong. I was mostly unharmed, some stitches in my eye socket area caused mostly by some road burn and a sore rib-cage. Anyway the revelation came in a dream a few days ago. Here is a picture of that side yard next to Lincoln High School today as I remembered it in my dream:


I’m not sure of the significance of that memory or dream but I thought it was interesting that their was a  relationship in my dream to this building. I like the fact that this revelation occurred and look forward to delving deeper into dream-drawing in the future.

The actual building I was trying to go for was is a nearly abandoned dairy building in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The building belonged to Lehigh Dairy and the building itself is a beautiful ruin at the head of MacArther Road or the end of 7th St, depending on your perspective. I thought it was a fitting subject for the eastern facade of my imaginary Temple of Doom complex . Here is a picture of what I thought I drawing before my dreaming:


So I finished the piece today and like that it represents a change in forum from the previous six. The series is unfolding in three sets of three works each with the last piece depicting the grounds of the Temple of Doom complex in a sort of topography drawing. We will see how that pans out when I get to the last piece. Here’s Temple of Doom 7:

Anthony Smith Jr. Behold The Loathsome Temple of Doom 7, 40 x 43 inches, sharpie marker, 2015.jpg

On another note I’ve been listening to a couple new CD’s and I’ve surprisingly made a straight pop turn lately. I picked up the new Adele and Janet Jackson CD’s I don’t have much of a thorough review of the two but I will say that I find the Adele to be a very sad record. It makes me wonder whats going on with those Brits, I through Sam Shepard in that ilk. Its surprising to me that such melancholic music has permeated the American pop landscape which is usually populated by bubble-gun cheerful anthems.  The Adele record “25” also sounds to dreary for Adele’s 27 years. She’s been a pop star since she was a late teen, to me she has Western problems (relationship issues and general ennui) and need to cheer up a bit. Now the Janet on the other hand sounds mature. Her voice has changed over the years and doesn’t have that shrill tinny little-girl-ring to it anymore. In fact, a friend says constantly to me that she sounds more like Michael than Janet, a result of her having more gravel and gravity in her voice in my opinion. Unfortunately the first video for the Janet “Unbreakable” CD is weak to me but the song after it is great and appropriately its called “Dream Maker/ Euphoria”.  Here is a YouTube audio video of it:

Okay there you have it. Until next time Happy Thanksgiving!

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