In the studio #4

Just finished the third painting in the “Pilot” series of works and feeling a little postpartum depression. I’ve decided to take this break in activity to finally get my studio settled into some semi permanent state. High on the list is figuring out some way to make the studio a business office as well as a studio. So far I’ve been treating the space as a bit of an expensive man cave. I thought I’d also try some experimental things as well. Today I set my work table up to do a small encaustic paint series. I’m excited to play with wax again. I also took a nice long walk this afternoon in South Bethlehem and had exciting visions of a really disturbing painting series I’d like to do, real nightmare in the daytime material. So thank you South Bethlehem greenway, I’ll have to take more trippy walks in the park there soon. Anyway here are some studio shots and an image of the new Pilot series painting. To see a link to a cool slideshow showing the making of this third painting in the Pilot series go here.

photo 1

Setting up for some encaustic paintings

Anthony Smith, Pilot, Or How Do You Stop A Flying Dreadnaught,  32 x 48 inches, mixed, 2015

New third painting in the Pilot series.

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