In the Studio #2

Just finished up a new set of drawings called “Puppet Pal Friends French Kiss and Go Down”. As a series it was supposed to be an exploration of how relationships change over time, and also an excuse to play with spray paint and dripping acrylic ink. There were times, especially near the middle end of the series, when working on these pieces felt truly blissful. There is a point in my works when all the materials and colors begin to “rotate” and I know that the piece is working. The beginning work in the set sucks in my mind but I expected that to happen. I love painting in serial form just for that reason. I like to leave room for a disaster to occur so I can learn and grow from the experience.

I enjoy how these drawings help loosen my hand. It leave me well prepared to do more tight drawing and painting in some future works. Now its time for me to start another large work in the “Pilot” series of paintings. I’m hoping by the middle May to be in a position to start doing some encaustics too. Here’s some studio shots of the new works, the studio space post-work, and yours truly wearing my pensive face. Enjoy!


second to last piece


Last piece finished

photo 2

My beautiful mess

photo 1

More Mess

photo 4

practicing my mean black guy face

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