…from the Red Wrath World #4

The RWR is system of marks, colors and material application that I set to an elaborate narrative. It is divided into 3 Kingdoms of Power and a place I call the Hellish Realm. I’ve made works that reference each realm but have explored the first Kingdom and the last the most with some references to the Hellish Realm. The most well-worked KOP is the 1st. This kingdom is ruled of course by a King, a God-King in fact, who resides in magical palace set is a forested and mountainous country. The king is a remote king, never interacting with his subjects – so assured in his glory and sublimity that he turns a blind eye to the ossification of the kingdom. This king is ultimately overthrown when five “characters” out of sheer boredom with their perfect existence seek to meet the king. Once these characters find the king in his great palace the drama in the story comes to its conclusion. The king is so insulted at being perceived he vanishes sapping all the color and richness from the land leaving a barren grey blue world.

“Corrupting the Kingdom of Power” is a twenty part drawing series I completed in graduate school which details this story. I only have a few images from that series in jpg form but I intend to show more as I find the time to download my old slides into digital form. I’ll talk about the other KOP’s in other posts.

Anthony Smith, Corrupting the Kingdom of Power No 1, 5 x 7 feet, mixed media, 2000

This is the first piece from Corrupting the Kingdom of Power series from 2000.

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