First Friday #15

First Friday #15

This months First Friday at the Banana Factory has come and gone and this month, despite expectations to the contrary, attendance was again low. We artists thought that since the weather was finally nice and it was our first open house of the fall that somehow things would turn out differently. At this point after [...]

First Friday #10

We had First Friday at the Banana Factory last Friday since New Years was a Friday this year and though the crowds were smaller since the change in date I had a much better time then in the past. I think that's thanks to being very busy framing works for my two upcoming shows. I [...]

In the Studio #17

It's funny to be at the age when you pine for days gone by. I mostly try to live in the present so longing for the past is something I rarely indulge in. These temple of doom drawings though are stirring the memory pot, and bringing forward memories of my former self. Last week I [...]

In the Studio #16

I'm nearing the end on my Temple of Doom drawing series and its still exhausting to go through the whole set of 10 pieces. Fortunately I'm still producing some interesting works. Something fascinating happened to me while doing this piece. I realized somewhere in the middle of this piece that I was actually drawing a memory of a car [...]