Ephemerama #30

Ephemerama #30

I though with only a few more days left in the year, that it was a good time to do a year-in-review in art. My friend Michelle Neifert and I began this year saying that it would be the best year ever. It was our mantra, a toast we'd say whenever we got together for [...]

In the Studio #24/ Shots from the Show #5

Today I just finished the fifthย painting of my Maybe Baby series and I think its more a return to form regarding bright colors and cool cave-like shapes and patterns. I managed to enjoy this painting more than I have in previous pieces. Myย painting pace seems to be slowing down lately. In the past I could [...]

In the Studio #22

I just finished the third of six pieces in the Maybe Baby set of paintings this last weekend and I feel that the work has revived my interest in the series. This new year is turning into a real mixed bag of experiences lately, lots of successes artistically with some considerable setbacks personally. This "libra-nature" [...]

In the Studio #20

I've been trying to start the new year off right in the studio with a set of goals not resolutions. Resolutions seem destined to fail. I think I heard something on NPR that said only about 6 percent of resolutions are actually met. ย My friend Troy mentioned at a New Year's Eve party last week [...]