Ephemerama #42

Ephemerama #42

Now is the season when various applications for fellowships, grants residencies and the like are either coming due or are just past due. There is naturally a certain amount of self-reflection that takes place when you have to, for the nth-time, describe yourself and your artistic agenda to some random committee in New York. You'd [...]

In the Studio #20

I've been trying to start the new year off right in the studio with a set of goals not resolutions. Resolutions seem destined to fail. I think I heard something on NPR that said only about 6 percent of resolutions are actually met. ย My friend Troy mentioned at a New Year's Eve party last week [...]

In the studio #14

When I attended the applicant interview for my studio space at the Banana Factory back in February of this year I told the selection committee that I thought I would do a large set of drawings based in part on a forboding masonic temple in Allentown. I call that building the temple of doom because [...]