Ephemerama #15

A couple weeks ago I attended a faculty recruitment weekend at Rochester Institute of Technology. The weekend was designed to be a minority recruitment forum and intended to attract people of color to the university. It was a very nicely prepared and I had good and fruitful interactions during the week. For the recruitment weekend I had to prepare [...]

Ephemerama #12

I finished the Coates book "Between the World and Me" last week in my studio and was nearly to the point of tears by the end of it. I wanted to give a scholarly report or response to this work but for the sake of time and my emotions - it was that turgid -  I'd prefer to [...]

In the Studio #11

I'm just back in the studio after a week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that was relaxing for the most part. I learned last week that when vacationing with friends encouraging planning is a losing proposition, at least with a controlling personality like mine. Well anyway, I came back to my studio space to this big ass painting, [...]

Ephemerama #11

A friend of mine is not doing so well health-wise and yet another made a decision I can't help but be disappointed by, despite having made that same decision in the past. Both of these events have left me really assessing my life in a strange way. I feel a great sense of urgency in taking [...]